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We are techno-optimists, inspired and proud of the technological achievements of humanity.

Taking the next step. 

The world has reached an impressive level of tech progress: additive manufacturing, advanced data driven agriculture with engineered crops, re-usable rockets etc.
The exponential power of collaboration between these technologies has yet to be unlocked. 

In Cybarete, we decided to start with industrial automation. 

Our team stems from the advanced mechatronics and reconfigurable industrial systems research group of Stellenbosch University wholeheartedly sharing these values:

First Principles. 

We work from foundational principles, not on precedent or tradition. 


The interaction and self-organisation of our technologies is a force multiplier.


The minimalist nature of our elements enhances their ability to collaborate, resulting in the complex 

behaviours needed for our toughest problems.

Our team believes that collaboration is key to driving innovation and delivering the best possible solutions.

We actively seek strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders, technology providers, and research institutions — by fostering a network of like-minded organizations, we can collectively push the boundaries of what is possible, making a lasting positive impact on industries worldwide.

Join Cybarete to shape the future of industries through IoT integration and advanced data solutions. Whether you are a business in the mining, manufacturing, agriculture, or healthcare sector, our team is dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and providing transformative solutions for tangible results.

Contact us today to explore how Cybarete can empower your business and unlock new opportunities for growth in the digital era. Together, let's build a connected and data-driven future for your industry.

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