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Reimagine what your systems can achieve with localised intelligence.

Our expert knowledge in control and automation.

We're dedicated to empowering the industrial sector with enhanced productivity and advancements in health and safety through technology. With our extensive experience, we've gained profound insights into industrial environments spanning mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. We collaborate with partners to pinpoint areas for improvement and deliver solutions that drive tangible results.

Legacy systems are not dynamic

Today's automation and integration systems, including SCADA, PLCs, Historians, and single-purpose centralized control systems, are struggling to meet the dynamic data demands of modern mining operations. Furthermore, they often fall short in accommodating the diverse levels of decision-making required in this fast-paced environment. Real-time data holds different meanings for each decision-maker, highlighting the critical need for an adaptable automation platform that can cater to these varying perspectives.

Centralised control systems are fragile

Legacy automation techniques often feature a centralized, monolithic control computer that tends to be located far from critical operational areas. This setup typically leads to data congestion, unnecessary raw data transportation, and inflexible single-purpose systems. Additionally, these systems are prone to single points of failure, resulting in the loss of intelligence and data whenever the connection to the centralized control computer is disrupted.

The solution is not another protocol

Merely introducing another communication protocol or data broker won't address these challenges. Industrial protocols essentially act as different-colored pipes, funneling data to a centralized control room. However, we can't solely rely on cloud-based solutions. What we truly need is intelligence distributed throughout the operational areas—be it at the stope, the tip, or in the field—where operations occur.

The Power of BASE

Through a first-principles approach, prioritizing simplicity and aiming for emergent solutions, Cybarete has created BASE. BASE stands as an agent-based distributed automation platform, meticulously crafted for scalability, interoperability, field intelligence, and seamless human integration—features notably absent in existing automation solutions.

Provides connectivity at the edge

Even if one arm of the BASE network becomes disconnected from the rest of the fractal, it remains operational. The agents in that area collaborate to sustain safety systems, execute business activities, and refine data collection—ensuring continuous functionality. Once the connection is restored, the refined data is readily available for reporting purposes.

Enables field level interoperability

Integration of a BASE distributed agent-based automation engine enhances Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) interoperability, sparking a revolution in collaboration and multiplying the value of previously disparate equipment.

Revolutionises situational awareness

A distributed agent-based automation engine has significant potential to enhance situational awareness and safety in underground mining operations. By deploying autonomous agents throughout the mining environment, each tasked with monitoring and maintaining specific conditions, they can continuously draw from various BASE-enabled sensors for real-time data on air quality, temperature, humidity, equipment status, and worker locations.

Enables short interval control

Implementing a distributed agent-based automation engine offers substantial benefits for tactical decision support in various industries. By deploying intelligent agents throughout operational environments, equipped with advanced data processing and analysis capabilities, the system can provide real-time insights into operational conditions and performance metrics.

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