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Short Interval Control
through real-time data, where it matters,
at the stope face.

Current Automation Needs Change.

Current automation demands a shift in perspective. Real-time intervals vary: seconds for workers, sensors, and machines; hours for shift bosses and managers, providing actionable tactical insights; weeks for executive and strategic teams, enabling comprehensive planning.

Legacy systems are not dynamic

Existing automation and integration systems like SCADA, PLCs, Historians, and single-purpose centralized control systems struggle to meet the dynamic data demands of modern mining operations. Each decision-maker interprets real-time data differently, necessitating an automation platform that can adapt accordingly.

Centralised control systems are fragile

Traditional automation methods rely on a centralized, monolithic control computer often located kilometers away from the vital areas of your mine, such as the stope. This setup leads to data congestion, unnecessary raw data transportation, and non-scalable single-purpose systems. Moreover, these systems are susceptible to single points of failure, resulting in the loss of all intelligence and data if the connection to the centralized control computer is severed.

The solution is not another protocol

Introducing another communication protocol or data broker won't resolve these issues. Industrial protocols essentially act as different colored pipes, merely transporting data to the centralized control room. We can't solely rely on cloud-based solutions. What we truly need is intelligence directly at the stope, at the tip, and in the field where operations occur.


The Power of 

Through a first-principles approach, simplicity, and a focus on emergence, Cybarete presents MineZone, our solution for digitizing the stope face in underground mining. Lightweight and requiring minimal infrastructure setup, MineZone delivers immediate value to your operations.

Provides connectivity at the edge

Even when one arm of the BASE network is disconnected from the rest of the fractal, it remains operational. The agents in that area collaborate to ensure safety systems are active, business operations continue smoothly, and data collection and refinement persist until the connection is restored.

Enables field level interoperability

Integration of the BASE distributed agent-based automation engine promotes interoperability among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), revolutionizing collaboration and maximizing the value of previously disparate equipment.

Revolutionises situational awareness

A distributed, agent-based automation engine possesses significant potential to elevate situational awareness and safety within underground mining operations. Through the deployment of autonomous agents across the mining environment, each tasked with monitoring specific conditions, continuous monitoring is ensured. These agents seamlessly draw from various BASE-enabled sensors for real-time data on air quality, temperature, humidity, equipment status, and worker locations.


Enables short interval control

The implementation of a distributed agent-based automation engine presents substantial advantages for tactical decision support in underground mining. Through the deployment of intelligent agents equipped with advanced data processing and analysis capabilities across the mine, the system delivers real-time insights into operational conditions and performance metrics.

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